Tesco National Collection

15th July 2021

The Tesco National Collection is currently taking place.  We will have volunteers in our local Tesco store at Dibden (Applemore) during the daytime on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th July to accept your generous donations to Waterside Foodbank.  Please say ‘hello’ to our volunteers who will be handing out leaflets containing our most wanted items.  The great thing is that Tesco will add a 20% monetary top-up to your donation. Your donations will help us to provide food for those Waterside people who find themselves in crisis.  Thank you for your support.


Carrots (tinned)

Sugar (500g)

Coffee (100g)

Dried Milk Powder

UHT milk

Sponge Puddings

Potatoes (tinned)

Baked Beans

Fruit (tinned)

Custard (tinned)

Rice Pudding (tinned)

Fruit Juice (long life)

Meat (tinned-hot and cold)


Shower Gel


Toothpaste and brushes

Nappies (Size 5 and 6)

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